Woman putting on make up

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Image of Woman putting on make up

Designed and screenprinted by Rei Kwk

Rolle change project

This one is a reinterpretation of Kitagawa Utamaro's work: ''A woman looking at her reflection in a mirror''
My project is summarized in the investigation of the female figure in traditional Japanese engraving,
giving the female figure a position of empowerment.

woman putting on makeup

3 Inks (silver, black pearl and black matte) over black popset 320g
Limited edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered.

DIseñado y serigrafiado por Rei Kwk
Mujer maquillándose

3 tintas (plata, negro nacarado y negro mate) sobre popset negro de 320g
Edición limitada de 50 ejemplares, firmada y numerada.

21% Iva incluido/21% tax included